I know some therapists frown on lift chairs because it doesn’t give people the opportunity to “stay strong” through their legs, back, and arms if the chair pushes them up. However, I’d like to say that lift chair is more like an assistant to help the old stand up. When the old is in need of standing up immediately, for example, he or she needs to use the bathroom, the functions of the lift chair can be in use to help them stand up quickly.

When the elderly overcome the problem of standing up, they can use this chair as a heated massage chair or a furniture which suits the style of your living room. Everyone can try RESTREAL Lift Chairs. Meanwhile, lying on the recliner and enjoy the TV program is absolutely a fabulous experience.

Therefore, for the elderly or people who have difficulty getting up from their usual chair, a suitable lift recliner chair is definitely worth the investment.


STEP ONE: Decide What Positioning Features You Prefer - There are four categories of lift chairs

  • Two-Position chairs have one motor which controls the back of the chair and the leg rest part at the same time. So, if the back reclines, the leg rest part will come up at the same time.  These chairs recline to about 15 degrees--a comfortable angle for watching television or reading.

  • Three-Position chairs also have one motor, but they can recline to about 45 degrees, which is ideal for napping in a semi-upright position. They owns the features that you would expect to get from any standard type recliner.

  • Infinite-Position chairs are built with two motors that can operate independently to provide an infinite range of positioning options. You can raise the leg rest part and adjust the back angle to suit your preference. Lots of folks sleep in their Infinite position chairs, cause when they lay back, the lift chair can be nearly flat like a bed. These chairs can even recline so that your feet are elevated slightly above your heart. This is called the Trendelenburg Position, and is recommended for individuals with swelling in the legs and ankles. Some Infinite position chairs offer the added feature of “Zero Gravity “positioning.  This uniquely comfortable position was developed by NASA to neutralize pressure on the lower back. And it feels wonderful.

  • Zero Gravity lift chairs feature a seat box that can raise and tilt much like an adjustable car seat. By raising the lower back, zero gravity recliners put less pressure on the spine. This zero gravity reclining position correctly aligns the spine, relaxes muscle tension, improves circulation and expands lung capacity.

STEP TWO: Determine the material of your chair

Currently, it can be divided as three kinds of material that lift chair owns in market:

  • Cloth: Cheapest but easy to be smeared and not easy to be cleaned.

  • PU Leather: Soft and colorful. But its life is short and it is easy to be torn

  • Real Leather: Costs more but durable. Needs maintaining to keep its glossiness.

STEP THREE: Size Your Chair

Lift chair sizes range from Petite to Heavy-Duty, so there is sure to be one that is right for you. A comfortable lift chair allows your feet to rest on the floor when you are sitting upright with your back against the backrest of the chair. The seat should be wide enough to accommodate your hips at their widest point. Make sure to check the weight capacity too. Lift chairs start with a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and range all the way to up to 700 pounds in the heavy duty models. If you have long legs, consider a chair with foot rest extensions to help comfortably support your entire ankle and foot. 

Our recommendations:

If you have difficulty in choosing, please learn about RESTREAL Lift Chairs. It features 330 pounds maximum load capacity, 22.4" seat width, and it is perfectly suitable for 5.1"-5.9" people. What’s more, RESTREAL lift chairs are made of real leather and the price is not expensive. It’s the best gift for parents and also is a perfect tool to help the elderly recover their legs and feet.

All in all, if you still cannot find your beat choice, why not look for a brand which can customize chair for you? They will help to customize the most suitable lift chair for you but the price would be way much higher than standard lift chair.

So, what is your choice? Leave your comment and have a discussion!

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