Perfect Helper for People with Parkinson Disease--Lift Chair

Is there anyone in your family who has Parkinson disease? Is it hard for him or her to get out of a chair? Even when a caregiver is around, is there a risk that the patient might also fall down from the chair when getting up?

Well, if you are coming across with those problems, a lift chair is definitely helping you out.

First and the most important feature of a lift chair is the lifting and reclining function. Most of us must know a lot about recliners, maybe you are sitting in one when you are reading this article. But what about the lift chair? Is it really efficient and useful as it is advertised? The answer is: YES. As we know, a major issue people with Parkinson’s raise concern about is getting out of a chair, particularly as falling can be a major hazard. As well as helping to recline back in comfort, a rise and recline chair is designed to aid people in standing up too. If you know little about lift chairs, then lay your eyes on the Restreal lift chair which is suitable for most people's needs. With the Restreal lift chair, you are absolutely able to sit down and get up independently. Besides, the chair goes up and down very slowly so that you will not feel light-headed like getting up from normal chairs. The lifting and reclining function is controlled either by the side buttons on the chair or the remote that comes with the chair. It is easy and convenient.

 Except for its basic function, Restreal lift chairs come with the vibration massage and heating functions. There are three modes of the vibration massage. The power is light and it is very comfortable so the old or disabled can use it to relieve sore muscles without any trouble. The heating is on the lumbar area which keeps your lumbar warm and helps to increase blood flow. Besides, It even comes with side pockets and cup holders so the user can have things they need nearby.

In fact, if you regard the lift chair as a chair only for people with Parkinson disease, you might be wrong. It also suits individuals who have limited mobility, individuals who suffer from any instability, individuals with weakened muscles, or anyone who has trouble sitting or standing up due to health issues or recent surgery.

Lift chairs are not only a safe addition to the home, but they are also comfortable and stylish. We believe that they will bring convenience and happiness to every family!