In the 21st century, where life is so fast-paced, everyone is fighting hard to get more things, like money, power and a better future.
RESTREAL has always followed the only point of view which is enjoying the present moment. We can't slow down everyone's life, but we hope that more people can take a real rest. All of our products, massage chairs, lift recliners and bedding are elaborately designed and produced around this goal.
Whether it is yourself, your parents, or your friends, deserve to take a moment of leisure every day. Listening to the music while enjoying a massage in a massage chair, or reclining on a lift recliner and watch a TV show, or taking a quiet nap in bed, are all great ways to relax!
Enjoy the moment, relax yourself!
RESTREAL currently sells Massage chairs, Massage Lift recliners and cozy bedding and other products. We will also improve our products based on customers’ feedback, so that our customers can get better products and services, and have a real rest!
Company Address: Room 414, 4th Floor, Building 4, No. 63, Jiuhuan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310019, China